Child Support Enforcement Division

As legal counsel to Geauga County Job & Family Services Child Support Enforcement Division (hereinafter CSED), the Child Support Division of the Prosecutor’s Office provides legal analysis for the caseworkers and supervisors when asked.  Additionally, the prosecutor’s office provides legal support and oversight to the CSED when new legislative policies are enacted. 

The Prosecutor’s Office has approximately 1100 active child support matters.  The primary responsibility of the Child Support Divison is the enforcement of child support orders.  The secondary responsibility is the establishment of paternity, child support and medical support orders.

The Prosecutor’s Office enforces child support in the Geauga County Court of Common Pleas General Division and the Juvenile Division.  We draft briefs and provide oral argument for all child support cases that are appealed to the Eleventh District Court of Appeals and the Ohio Supreme Court.

We prosecute child support obligors who are not compliant with their child support payments or their medical support obligations.  Prosecution involves hearings to determine contempt of the child support order or contempt as to failure to cooperate with the establishment of paternity or establishment of the child support obligation.  Prosecution also involves hearings to impose jail and trials as to felony non-support.  The Prosecutor’s Office also facilitates the modification and termination of child support orders. 

The Prosecutor’s Office reviews interstate and intrastate child support and jurisdictional matters, files complaints and motions, intervenes as to matters of inheritance, and files the requisite paperwork in cases involving Veteran Affairs and Social Security and bankruptcy . 

Child Support and the Geauga County Prosecutor's Office
Stages of Child Support
Frequently Asked Questions
Who can get assistance with child support issues in Geauga County?
Anyone receiving public benefits will obtain services. Others may make fill out a form called IV-D (4-D).
I have been ordered to pay child support. How do I pay?
If you are employed, your employer will withhold some wages.  If you are self employed or not employed you must send payments to:

Ohio Child Support Payment Central
P.O. Box 182373
Columbus, Ohio 43218
My payment was late, an incorrect amount or short. What do I do?
Contact your case manager at CSED immediately at 440-285-9141 or 800-209-7590.
What if I can't locate the father of my children?
Both the Prosecutor's Office and CSED have several data bases and other resources that may be used to locate missing parents who are to pay child support.
How does one receive my child support payments?
Ohio law requires electronic payment methods. Payment will occur either through direct deposit into the bank account of the custodial parent or the Ohio E-Quick Pay debit card.
I was ordered to pay child support, but now my child lives with me.
What person has the child (physical custody) does not alter the duty to pay child support. Only legal custody can alter the duty to pay. You must contact a private attorney or file proper motions in court to ask for a change in the duty to pay child support.