The support orders must be enforced.  Compliance as to payments of child support falls to the Child Support Enforcement Division, the Prosecutor’s Office and the courts.  If the parent ordered to pay child support is not in compliance CSED has several enforcement tools.

The enforcement tools of the Prosecutor’s Office and the Geauga County Courts are utilized when CSED cannot bring compliance administratively.  Some of the administrative enforcement tools are the suspension of driving privileges, an order to seek work, a request for employers to withhold an additional 20%, passport denial program and credit bureau reporting.  The parent not paying faces civil contempt charges and civil imposition of jail time.  Additionally, the parent not paying can be indicted for felony criminal nonsupport.

The Prosecutor’s Office can also file a variety of motions with the courts as to capturing lump sum settlements, to intervene in the non-paying parent’s inheritance, and filing proof of claims with bankruptcy courts.