Criminal Investigators

The Prosecutor’s Office has on staff Criminal Investigators who perform a wide variety of duties including:

  • They routinely provide on-call assistance to all law enforcement agencies in the county with investigations including, interviews, interrogation, surveillance, preparing affidavits/search warrants, etc.
  • They provide daily assistance to the Prosecutor and Assistant Prosecutors by running criminal history checks, generally following up on cases, preparing criminal cases for grand jury, preparing cases for trial.
  • They investigate criminal cases that are directly assigned by the Prosecutor
  • They serve criminal subpoenas, and subpoenas bank/telephone/cell phone/utility records for criminal cases.
  • They conduct surveillance
  • They receive crime tips and complaints.

IF YOU KNOW OF ANYONE WHO HAS COMMITTED A CRIME OR PLANS TO COMMIT A CRIME, contact your local police department or contact the Prosecutor's Office 440-279-2100.